Top Controversies In Hollywood that Have Stunned The World

Top controversies in Hollywood

Not only do enormous dreams come true in Hollywood, but also big controversies are created there. So let’s talk about the top controversies in Hollywood.

Hollywood has produced several films that are dramatic, action-packed, and filled with controversies, but who would believe that this is also true in real life? Yes, your favourite actors are always involved in scandals of one type or another, which always make the news.

If you don’t believe us, we did some research and compiled the top controversies in Hollywood that will blow your mind. Let’s get started with some of the biggest ones.

Hollywood’s biggest controversies

The controversy of Adam Levin’s cheating

Supermodel Behati Prinsloo and musician Adam Levine of Maroon 5 are alleged to have had an affair. The couple was expecting their third child at the time of the controversy.

Sumner Stroh, an Instagram model, was the one who allegedly had a year-long relationship with the singer, age 43. He maintained he didn’t have that relationship, but that he did go too far at one point. By promising to just care for his wife and family, Adam Levine was able to put an end to the confusion.

Justin Bieber is constantly in the limelight. 

Justin Bieber suffered from the effects of becoming famous at such an early age. It was difficult for him to make even one mistake while growing up in the limelight without the press learning about it.

That reveals why he has encountered the press on numerous occasions, including one incident in which he rear-ended one with his vehicle.

Other controversy surrounding Bieber includes infamously egging his neighbour’s house, allegedly spitting on fans, and being pulled over while high. However, the singer has transformed and avoided any in-public arguments for many years.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian’s relationship 

Khloe Kardashian has struggled the most with dating among all of the Kardashians and Jenners. In 2016, Khloe and NBA player Tristan Thompson started dating.

Their romance has always been marred by numerous high-profile adultery allegations, dating back to the beginning. Through these years, their relationship has been on and off. The couple were expecting their second child via surrogate in December 2021. 

During this period, rumours began to circulate that Tristan had fathered a child with another lady. In January 2022, the basketball player made this news official. He also used Instagram to publicly apologise to Khloe.

Chris Rock was slammed by Will Smith.

The Oscars 2022 were planned to be a routine ceremony when the Academy would honour the top actors and actresses in Hollywood.

Things changed, though, when Will Smith smacked Chris Rock when the comedian made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith, his wife’s hair. For those who don’t know, Jada has alopecia, a disorder that results in significant hair loss, and she has previously discussed it on numerous platforms.

Though Will Smith won the best actor prize a few minutes later, the actor slapping Rock was still the topic of conversation for the whole evening. The incident sparked discussions online that persisted for weeks.

Accusations of child abuse against Michael Jackson

Since his ascent to fame, MJ has been the subject of debate. His rise to fame as the King of Pop has drawn attention due to his usage of drugs, alteration of his appearance, and skin colour, but it was child abuse claims that truly shocked the revered performer.

Michael struggled in the spotlight after 1993 allegations of sexual abuse. He put his music on hold and made an effort to live a quiet life away from the spotlight.

But the debate didn’t just end with his passing; in 2019, a film outlining Michael’s alleged abuse claims was released. However, given that it was published years later and the King of Pop was unable to respond, the veracity of these allegations has been contested.

Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard fought a protracted legal struggle over the libel complaint. Amber Heard, a fellow actress and the ex-wife of Johnny Depp, was sued for defamation after she accused him of abusing her.

The trial had drawn the attention of the general people around the globe and sparked discussions. Recently, a settlement to the protracted legal dispute was reached. 

The defamation case was successfully resolved in Depp’s favour in May. He had received $5 million in punitive penalties in addition to $10 million in compensatory damages. Amber Heard also scored a little victory when the judges gave her $2 million for a defamation countersuit.

Whitewashing controversies 

The casting of white males in roles that were previously played by coloured men has caused controversy in Hollywood since 2016. The best of these is Tilda Swinton as Dr Strange.

The figure that was initially coloured in Marvel comics did not affect the movie’s performance, but there was a general statement of outrage. Even though the original story had a man of colour, Matt Damon in “The Great Wall” was reasonably accepted in the part.

The conflict involving Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift

A new song by Kanye West features a phrase about having a sexual interaction with Taylor Swift. Additionally, he cursed and asserted that it is likely because he has made her famous.

Although Taylor’s crew took offence to the line and came up with the claim that Kanye didn’t ask Taylor before doing it, we aren’t quoting the exact line here. Swift responded “fine” to his request for lyrics in a series of Snapchat videos created by Kardashian and Kanye in exchange.

All of this has us wondering just how bad things are and whose side is correct. Was Kardashian correct when she secretly taped Swift’s line about swearing and being famous, or was Swift correct when she said she was unaware of it?

Oh absolutely, there is much more drama and controversy in real life in Hollywood than there is in movies. Every week, there are always stars in some sort of drama. While it’s true that Hollywood is a place where dreams come true, it’s also true that controversy never sleeps there.

As a result, we think you agree with us when we say that Hollywood is currently the centre of controversy. So if you wish to read more such fascinating blogs on various Hollywood-related topics The best place for you to follow is Talkiedile.

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